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More than 290,000 forestry professionals (manufacturers, sawmills, veneer, panel manufacturers, importers and large industrial customers) have already joined the Fordaq network. Many of Europe's largest forestry companies are members of Fordaq. Fordaq's network of offices spans the world. We will visit as many attendees as possible to ensure that real business can be done with serious companies.

Through our website, these companies have access to the following services:

- The Marketplace: online market that they use to communicate offers and inquiries, check offers and inquiries of other companies. This market is used to make new supplier or client contacts, check out how the market is moving (prices and stocks), compare prices.
- The Directory: online directory of addresses.
- The Postman: daily email with summary of inquiries and offers of the previous day that are relevant for your business.
- Market info: daily industry news, calendar of log auctions across Europe, results of log auctions, info on trade shows and events.
- Customs Data: Largest database of import and export transactions in the wood industry worldwide. You can check who exports or imports which wood products in North America, Russia, Ukraine, China, UK, South Korea, Vietnam and a large part of South America. All of this data is organized with Fordaq's revolutionary filtering tools.
- Customer support: a team of multilingual wood specialists that follow what is happening on our market and can help you benefit from your access. If you want background information on another member, tips on how to do better business with Fordaq or have any other question our team is at your disposal.

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