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Information and service multi-language platform RSTrade is intended to promote Russian industrial wares of non-raw materials sector for civil use in the countries of Southeast Asia, India and Australia, and also for increasing efficiency and improving import services from Asian countries to Russia and EEU. RSTrade platform provides information about wares and services. RSTrade platform also provides services involving organization of export an import operations.

The feature of this portal is a complex approach to the communication of salesman, that provides his services and wares, and customer from the moment of wares display and counterparty expamination up to solving the questions on product specifications, size and time of delivery, shipping and delivery specifications, customs procedures and etc. Finding solutions to legal issues that arise during support of transactions, which are done via the platform, is also possible. RSTrade also provides help with attracting investment, promoting and implementing primary regional investment projects.

Wares and services of Russian content is structured in accordance with catalogues of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Information about wares and services is displayed in several languages. Russian program modules are used in the development of the platform. Data base of products, that are listed at the platform is stored in servers that are situated in Russian Federation.

Management company LLC «RSTradehouse» is the operator of the trade platform and also carries out support of investment projects, their structuring and adapting, taking into consideration demands of regional investors. The company also conducts monitoring and control for realization of investment projects.

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