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Allbiz (www.all.biz) – an International Centre of E-commerce,which allows to companies to create their own representations there and post information about products and services provided.And in this way visitors from around the world are able to find and acquire.

Allbiz primarily will be interesting for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses,greatly facilitating their access to the global market through the Internet.The resource provides an excellent opportunity for smaller companies to easily manage their business in a global network,ensuring wide availability and a high degree of confidence in its products and services worldwide.

Allbiz also primarily is interesting for export companies and for those companies,which are interested in supplying to foreign markets.Information in a catalogue displaying at the same time in 26 languages, what allows the companies to search,buy and sell the products in any part of the world,overcoming language barriers.

Allbiz is a cost-effective alternative or an addition for corporate sites,which require serious investments in their promotion. Resource www.all.biz allows for a short time and at minimal cost to get the maximum effect in Internet, because has got good positions in global search engines.

Annual audience of allbiz reached more than 220 million people, which has allowed the resource to become a leader in Internet space. In nowadays in online catalog allbiz are presented more than 20 million products and services from more than 1.3 million companies from 90 countries.

Company offices are represented in 13 countries around the world: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Greece, Egypt, India and China.

The effectiveness of All.biz already appreciated more than 1.3 million companies worldwide!

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