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Road show on the territory of Ugra for representatives of the Hungarian business


In the period from 10-13 June, a road show will be held for Hungarian entrepreneur Gustav Darabant, Director of Marketconsult, Kft. Representatives of the Ugra timber industry complex will present the production activities of enterprises, as well as demonstrate the quality of the produced products. Road show will be held in Zelenoborsk and Sovietsk and Yugorsk. Representatives of the Foundation “Support Centre for Ugra Export” accompany guests from Hungary and assist in establishing business contacts. Hungary is a long-time economic partner of Ugra. The establishment of business relations of the Foundation “Support Centre for Ugra Export” with representatives of Hungary was started in 2017. So far, the Foundation “Support Centre for Ugra Export” has organized 2 business missions of Ugra businessmen to Hungary, 3 entry business missions of Hungarian businessmen to Ugra, as well as a working visit as part of the official delegation headed by Ugra Governor Natalia Komarova in 2019. In total, Ugra entrepreneurs concluded 10 export contracts.

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