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Product placing on Wildberries online store



Dear businessmen!

We invite you to consider the possibility of placing your products on Wildberries online store.

There are more than 2 million visitors daily, who carry out more than 200,000 orders per day.

Wildberries has been leading in the Data Insight and Ruward rankings of the “100 largest stores in Russia” for two years in a row, being in the Forbes rating of the “20 most expensive companies of Runet” and “200 largest private companies in Russia”.

Wildberries marketplace infrastructure is an additional channel of direct communication with consumers and significantly expands the sales market for domestic products, including through access to international markets (currently, these are the markets of the EEU countries and Poland).

On the portal in real time, suppliers have the opportunity to monitor the movement of goods and maintain the necessary documentation.

Cooperation with the marketplace allows enterprises to significantly expand the audience of customers through access to traffic and the use of marketing tools to promote their products.

The marketplace at the expense of its own logistics networks and storage areas optimizes the transportation and sale of goods, storage of warehouse residues.

The Foundation “Support Centre for Ugra Export” is ready to support entrepreneurs interested in placing of their goods on the Wildberries online store.

In case of interest, feel free to contact the Foundation staff by phone +7 (3467) 388-402 or by e-mail: info@export-ugra.ru

More information can be found in the materials.

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