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Exhibition "Vietnam-Expo-Siberia"



Dear businessmen!

We invite you to take part in the second multi-industry exhibition "Vietnam-Expo-Siberia".

Exhibition Vietnam-Expo-Siberia is a presentation and communicative space, where representatives of manufacturers of Vietnamese goods and services, as well as export-oriented enterprises of the Russian Federation will be able to present their products and technological achievements in order to develop trade relations between the Russian Federation and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Event will be held from 21 to 23 June 2019 in the International Exhibition Complex "Novosibirsk Expocentre", Novosibirsk.

Thematic sections of the exhibition:

 · Agriculture;

· Building;

· Electrical products;

· Wood industry;

· Mining;

· Mechanical engineering;

· Medical preparations and equipment;

· Tourist services;

· Food;

· Banking services;

· Logistics services;

· Education.

Participation in this event will provide the following benefits:

· To expand the geography of products export (vietnamese market today is one of the most promising in the world);

Establish direct contacts with companies exporters and importers of Vietnam to conclude contracts (contacts will be used at the event);

Demonstrate their products on a consolidated platform to key participants in the Vietnamese market (targeted advertising and marketing);

To come forward within the business program with concrete proposals on the support of companies of exporters and SMEs, as well as on the development of exports in Vietnam.

For more information, you can find on the official website www.vietexposib.com or at the exhibition coordinator Novikov Anton by phone. +7 (383) 303-40-20, 303-40-39.

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