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The 8th International Industrial Exhibition "EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA"


        From 17 to 19 October 2018 in Armenia will  held, the 8th International Industrial Exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA, the 8th Yerevan Business Forum (hereinafter - Events) with the support of the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Ministry and also with the support of ministries and departments of Republic of Armenia.

       The business program of the Events (attached) involves holding the 8th Yerevan Business Forum on the theme: “Prospects for the expansion of economic and innovation cooperation between Russia and Armenia due to Armenia’s joining the EEU”, agriculture, medicine, science and education with the participation of heads of departments and main divisions. On the exhibition, there will be an exchange of contacts in B2B format for the participants.

More than 200 companies of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, managers and specialists from various sectors of the economy of Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Russia and other countries are planning to participate in the Events. Сontact person from the Foundation Support Center for Ugra Export - Kalinin Ivan Dmitrievich, 8 (3467) 388-402, kid@export-ugra.ru

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