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By 2020, Russia will increase the volume of high-tech exports by 3,5 times


  Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia Oleg Fomichev told media representatives about plans to develop high-tech exports of the country. According to him, the volume of sales of high-tech products abroad is planned to increase by 3.5 times - to the revenue of 240 billion rubles - by 2020.
  To support high-tech companies, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation is expanding the priority project "National Champions", which was launched in November 2016 and is aimed at providing state aid to private export-oriented high-tech companies operating in such areas as:
• Ingineering; 
• Pharmaceuticals and the production of medical equipment; 
• Information Technology; 
• Electronics and instrument making;
• Development and production of new materials;
• Chemical industry; 
• Power engineering.
 To participate in the program, 30 companies were selected, with revenues ranging from 0.5 to 30 billion rubles. Within the framework of the "National Champions" project, they are provided with multifaceted support from the REC (Russian Export Center), including assistance in registering intellectual property abroad, compensation of expenses for certification procedures and transportation of products. 
  Oleg Fomichev notes that innovative companies are able to achieve by 2020 the total revenue of 240 billion rubles, and in an optimistic scenario - 330 billion. By 2025, they will already earn 400-670 billion rubles.
 The positive dynamics of the development of the companies participating in the National Champions project led the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation to a decision in 2018 to expand the number of high-tech exporters, which will receive state support, two times at once - to 60. It is also planned to introduce amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation that will facilitate the export of Russian services and products.
 The "Ugra Export Support Center" Fund will provide you with full information on measures of state support for exporters and ways of obtaining it. For consultations, call 8 (3467) 388-400 or write to the e-mail address info@export-ugra.ru.

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