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Russia increases volumes of trade with the EU, USA and China


For the first half of 2017 of the Russian Federation have significantly increased the volume of trade with China, USA and Europe. 
Mainly growth was achieved at the expense of the traditional export and import products, but economic sanctions against Russia from Western countries has allowed our country to open up new niches for the sale of goods abroad.

The size of foreign trade turnover of Russia for the first half of 2017 reached 268,6 billion US dollars. It's 28% more than in the same period last year. There was an increase of exports by 29% (to 167.6 billion US dollars), and imports by 27% (101 billion USD). In some areas of foreign trade was achieved the following results:
• European Union countries: 117,83 billion (+28.7% in annual terms, the indicators of 2016);
• USA: 10,7 billion (+22.1% yoy to figures for 2016);
• China: 38,38 billion (+35.4 per cent in annual terms to figures for 2016).

According to the head of the Russian Export Centre Peter Fradkov, the growth of foreign trade due to rising prices of basic commodities supplied by Russia abroad: metals, fuels, grains, chemicals. Also, growing and export of goods to foreign partners. And the growth of export earnings used to purchase more goods in other countries, including import of consumer products and equipment. 

The extension list supplied by Russia abroad of production is not too fast, but this picture, as noted by Petr Fradkov, is observed worldwide. However, our country still opens up new export niches. So, is steadily growing list of products that the us buys from China, especially in the food industry. So, more recently, China has purchased we have vegetable oil, but now their supply is of a permanent nature and make a significant contribution to revenues from export activities of the country. Greatly increased the export of Russian meat – previously bought only Belarus and Kazakhstan, now it is sold in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Vietnam. 

A major role in the development of Russian exports play a variety of support programs for export-oriented enterprises. Want to know more about them? Please contact the Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export" by phone 8 (3467) 388-400 or email info@export-ugra.ru.

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