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ACC continued to identify problems in export control


 In the framework of regular monitoring of export conditions, the REC together with the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation held a regular expert discussion of export control procedures for dual-use products with the participation of the federal executive authorities responsible for its conduct.
 Based on the results of the analysis, it was proposed:
1. To reduce the regulatory deadlines for obtaining a license from FSTEC of Russia from 45 to 15 days, in accordance with the best world practices.
2. Conduct an audit of the nomenclature of dual-use products with a view to optimizing it in accordance with international experience and international obligations of the Russian Federation.
3. Translate the export control procedure to the electronic form. Provide information on the export control procedure in a more structured way.
4. To work out the issue of licensing not for delivery (contract), but for a certain type (or types) of products.
5. To increase the term of validity of permits (licenses, opinions) up to 3 years.
 Part of the barriers arise due to a lack of knowledge and information about the specifics of export control procedures. Participants of the meeting noted the need to increase the level of awareness among exporters, incl. through the placement on the information resources of detailed instructions on the passage of procedures and stages of export control of dual-use products, as well as the creation of a "personal cabinet" that will allow tracking the movement of documents at different stages of obtaining a license.
 The meeting participants also noted the advisability of introducing a notification procedure in the framework of export control procedures for individual products, which would reduce the burden on federal executive bodies in issuing relevant conclusions, as well as increase the responsibility of exporters.
 The representative of FSTEC in his report noted the practice of foreign countries' application of "white" lists that allow exporting dual-use products to countries from these lists without obtaining additional permits and about the advisability of using this approach in Russia.
 The key results of the expert meeting will be taken into account when updating the priority project "System Measures for the Development of International Cooperation and Export".

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