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All phases of the export project in one edition


The educational program of the Russian export centre produces a series of tutorials for aspiring exporters.
The first textbook of the Educational program of the REC was released in end of 2016, marking the beginning of a series of educational materials for beginners and existing Russian exporters. Feature benefits, the work of leading experts from different fields of business, Economics and the educational community is structured and the relevance of the material, which also contains links to useful sources for search of the necessary information at a certain stage of export project.
"Since the publication of the first textbook "Introduction to exporting: the life cycle of an export project. State support for export-oriented enterprises" in the portal www.exportedu.ru it was downloaded more than 4,000 users, - says the head of the Educational program REC Alisa Nikitina. Is once again talking about the demand by SMEs for high-quality professional knowledge in the field of foreign trade. Our plans include the production of manuals for each course of the Program, and we hope that they will become reference books for the Russian exporters".
The first textbook acquaints readers with the tools and initial analysis of foreign markets, search and evaluation of potential buyers, with the specifics of preparation of goods for export and the organization of exchange payment risks of export activities and methods to minimize them, and also with the instruments of state support for Russian exporters.
In addition, Educational programme, REC has become part of a unique edition of Russian export centre - RECBOOK. In the ten chapters of the book are collected actual information about foreign economic activity of our country, the strategic directions of development of Russian export, insurance, credit, warranty and non-financial products Group REC. RECBOOK have evolved from Board books to the Group's employees REC to encyclopedia for export, which will be of interest to anyone who wants to understand the export trends. You can buy the book at a 10% discount on promo code RECBOOK here.
Download training manual Educational programs of the REC at the link https://api.exportedu.ru/api/documents/29/download.

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