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In Ugorsk, Sovetskiy and Agonise held a series of individual meetings with business

In Ugorsk, Sovetskiy and Agonise held a series of individual meetings between enterprises of the forest sector Autonomous district and the Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export". Foundation staff held a series of meetings with individual timber enterprises of the County. Each of the entrepreneurs asked questions that concern, in particular, raised the topic of state export support, logistics, lack of information on customs regulations of foreign countries and certification of products. Many of the companies already have experience of export of their products and are interested in finding new markets.  
The General Director of open company "the Siberian cedar", Andrei Kudrin, recently purchased new equipment and launched the production of prefabricated houses from profiled beam. He outlined the need for the assistance of the Foundation in identifying potential markets for their products abroad. "Entering foreign markets, will allow my company to reach new levels and increase sales volumes", - said Andrey. Together with the entrepreneurs were identified, the required steps for starting foreign economic activity and the increase in the number of foreign counterparties, identified the need for the formation of the companies knowledge base for successful and effective launch of the export. Entrepreneurs also expressed the need to prepare them for presentations in foreign languages. Fund staff briefed the entrepreneurs about financial and non-financial support provided by the Fund. "The main objective of the company is to understand how to create and implement the export project, what measures of support of foreign trade activities it is possible to count and how, with their help, to expand export opportunities of the enterprise. The Foundation provides comprehensive support to export-oriented entrepreneurs at every stage of the export project," says Zemlyanov Vadim, head of external relations and marketing. 
 According to the results of individual advice, the Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export" and entrepreneurs have agreed on strategic partnership in the organization of foreign economic activity. In the near future it is planned to hold a series of meetings in Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut and Nefteyugansk.

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