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Yugorsk businessmen will learn how to export online


April 13, 2017 in Moscow, the training of regional trainers of the Educational Program of the Russian Export Center on the course "The Possibilities of Online Trade for Exporters" was completed. Based on the results of the training, business coaches from Ugra, Viktor Chebakov and Igor Shirmanov, successfully passed the testing and the final exam. The Certification Commission of the REC has decided to allow coaches from Ugra to train exporters and issue them with trainers certificates of the REC Educational Project. The course "Opportunities of online trading for exporters" of the Educational Program of the REC is unique in the sphere of Russian vocational education in the field of foreign economic activity. Structured and system information provides the listener with an opportunity to get acquainted with all the stages of the export online transaction, taking into account all aspects and actual specifics of doing business on the Internet. "For any export-oriented enterprise that has its own unique product, online trading is an excellent tool for export development," says the author of the course, senior expert in e-commerce of the REC of Armen Manukyan. - Unlike the classical form of foreign trade, online trading has a number of undeniable advantages, for example, such as: your goods can be bought from anywhere in the world, you can find partners abroad without participation in exhibition activities; Reduce their costs and risks when delivering bulk shipments of goods. All these and other features we laid in our course, which regional coaches will broadcast to businesses in their regions. " The "Ugra Export Support Center" Foundation is preparing to conduct training for the beginning exporters of the Autonomous Okrug. The nearest educational session on the course "Business Communication in Export Activities" will be held on April 25, 2016 in Khanty-Mansiysk. You can register for the event at the link: https://exportedu.ru/events/229 For additional information on participation in the seminars, please contact the Ugra Export Support Center Foundation. Contact person: the main specialist of the legal support of projects Chebakov Victor, tel .: 8 (3467) 388-401, e-mail: cvl@export-ugra.ru

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