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Moscow will host the educational course "School for exporter"


From 25 to 27 March 2017 in Moscow for employees of regional structures of support of export will be training educational course "School for exporter". 
The event is organized by the Association of small and medium-sized exporters. 
As part of the educational course the participants will get theoretical knowledge and practice their skills of solving applied tasks of foreign trade in the interests of existing and potential exporters. 
The basis of the course on generalized and systematized by experts of the Association of small and medium-sized exporters experience of the Russian SME exporters, as well as professional traders. 
Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export" training will be held two specialist. 
"The main task of the educational course "School for exporter" – to acquaint employees of support institutions export of tools, mechanisms and schemes of work for exporters. To teach and practice the skills to solve the most important foreign trade tasks encountered in practice, regional producers," – said General Director of the Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export" Irina Gaichenceva. 
Note that the program will be adapted to the format and characteristics of regional centres for coordination of export-oriented SMEs. 
The course "School for exporter" structure will consist of five units: 
– search for trade partners; 
– effective tools export managers; 
– algorithms for the output of enterprises on foreign markets. Effective strategies for SMEs; 
– the practice of solving informational problems associated with foreign economic activity; 
– modern sales channels in overseas markets. 
After each block the students of the course "School for exporter" will be mandatory testing. In case of successful solution of tasks for all 5 units staff will receive certificates of completion.

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