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ARAFNEWS - expert information internet site


WWW.ARAFNEWS.RU is the only in RuNet expert information internet site dedicated to economics and business of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) on-line since the end of 2013. 
The purpose of this web project is to assist Russian entrepreneurs and companies who is interested in the region. 
   WWW.ARAFNEWS.RU gives access to: 
• business information about all Arab countries; 
• current news, business and economic information; 
• analytical articles and reviews; 
• information about upcoming exhibitions and fairs in the region. 
   Aggregated information on this site is structured by country and industry guidelines. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to communicate directly with experts specializing in different areas and businesses of Arab countries. 
For more information visit: WWW.ARAFNEWS.RU

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