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How to create a right logical supply chain told the entrepreneurs of Ugra


   December 16, 2016, in Nyagan have been trained exporters in the framework of the Educational project of JSC  «Russian export center». 
   Any process associated with the delivery of goods implies the use of logistic operations. When it comes to the carriage of goods across the border, the issue of logistics becomes more significant and requires detailed study, and the availability of certain knowledge gained from Ugra entrepreneurs passed training course «logistics in the export business» organized by the Foundation  «Support Centre for Ugra export».
   Of course the export-oriented subjects of small and medium enterprises have learned about all types of international freight and special transport logistics and transport companies. Received information on what documentation used in international logistics and how to insure transportation risks. Entrepreneurs also learned about the rules of packing, transporting and warehousing.
   After training, Ugra the companies will be able to find information on agreements in international carriage of goods and to control the correctness of filling of transport documents, choose the operator-logistician and choose an effective transportation route.

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