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Yugra expands boundaries business



Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug is one of the richest resource regions of Russia, however, the development of non commodities sector of the economy here care no less. Today the timber, oil service and agriculture companies of Ugra expand production and enter new markets. On existing and new opportunities for regional exporters, and the prospects of supplies of Ugra companies in various countries says the general director of the foundation «Support Centre for Ugra export» Irina Gaychentseva.


Exporters Russia: Irina Alexandrovna, in 2016, you had a lot of business missions. What was the most productive in the number of contracts and reviews of exporters?

Irina Gaychentseva:  Yes, to date, the Fund organized 9 business missions. Entrepreneurs of the Autonomous Okrug on a business visit to Denmark three times visited Kazakhstan twice to the Republic of Armenia and three of the business mission took place in the framework of international events on the territory of Russia. Each of the organised activities deliver the results, businesses Autonomous okrug signed 17 export contracts. The result of participation in activities is not always immediately visible, at the international exhibitions company find new partners, negotiations, discussed the issues of logistics, access of products to a specific market. Too early the sum up the year.

In December, we have planned 3 major business activities: regional entrepreneurs will visit Iran, Kazakhstan, will host an incoming business mission from Chinese tour operators in Yugra.


 E. R.: What is the current geography of  non commodities exports of the region? What events are you planning in 2017? Are there any specific queries/requests from exporters?

I.G.: Today, Ugra companies supplying goods to Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Austria, Canada, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

In the preparation of the action plan for 2017, we have identified export-oriented industries in the region, has studied international markets and has identified countries in which there is a demand for this type of product, conducted a survey of the business community, has compared the results obtained with the recommendations of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation and JSC «Russian export center», and formed the work plan for the next year. The Foundation plans to organize a business mission to China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Hungary.

We are actively preparing for future events, we form a list of potential partners, conduct marketing researches of foreign markets, studying the conditions of market access for the products of our companies.


E. R.: Most of the region's exports is petroleum. Rather than the non-petroleum sector of the region? What companies are working here and what do they deliver overseas?

I. G.: Main volume of non-petroleum exports in the region forms the timber industry. Delivery of lumber and timber carried out in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Austria. Also actively developing the export of food products, a large export potential have oil service companies and tourism.


E. R.: If we talk about specific companies than to have a past year (new partners, directions)?

I. G.: In the process of the Foundation's activities are a significant number of companies have achieved significant results and reached the international markets. I would like to mention the success story of the company «Center-Siberia», specializing in the production of cedar nuts. This year the company took part in 2 business missions organized by the Foundation. In September it was the international food exhibition WorldFood Moscow-2016, where Natalia Kirsanova, General Director, LLC «Center of Siberia», signed 2 contracts to supply goods to China and Kazakhstan, and found potential partners in Italy now the Italian side performs laboratory tests Ugra pine nuts. Also during the exhibition the company's products received an international award «Product of the year» in 3 categories. In October Natalia Kirsanova took part in business mission organized by the Foundation «support Centre for Ugra export» to the Republic of Armenia, where he was awarded an export contract for the supply of cedar nuts and cedar nut oil with a candy company, and the agreement of intent to conclude a contract of supply finished products of the cedar nuts in a large network of supermarkets of Armenia. I also want to mention that the trip to Armenia was a success and for «calibration repair-service», involved in processing and marketing of wood products. It was the first experience of international events for Andreya Drobina, a вirector of the company. During the mission he signed a contract for delivery of wooden houses in Armenia. The district develops and exports high-tech equipment. An example is Virshke Aleksandr, вirector LLC ''Virshke'', which has developed and is implementing thermal thermotransfer digital folgirator, with the support of the Fund, the company exported its products to Lithuania and signed a dealership agreement in Armenia.


E.R.: Are there any new residents at the export support Center at the last time, wanting to export products/services?

I. G.: Yes, this year we held several individual meetings with the largest producers in the region, all the companies are ready to work for export. Meetings were held with companies from the timber industry, oilfield, agriculture and tourism. They discussed state export support, logistics, lack of information on customs regulations of foreign countries and certification of products. Entrepreneurs learned about the measures of financial and non-financial support provided by the Fund. The joint forces were determined by the mandatory steps in order to conduct foreign trade activities, revealed the need for the formation of the companies knowledge base for successful and effective launch of the export. Based on the requests of enterprises, the study of foreign markets and search for partners, the company is already in talks and planning to participate in the upcoming business missions.


E. R.: In the region has a highly developed production popular today in Russia and abroad of eco-products, wild plants. How to work with these companies? What kinds of questions they come to You? And what kind of help they need (certification, assistance in promotion, recruitment market)?

I. G.: Yes, wild plants hold a special place in the commodity structure of the region. We work with leading companies in the industry. For companies, the Fund provides comprehensive support: organization of business missions to foreign countries, and preparation of presentation materials in foreign languages, and consulting support, including with the involvement of external experts. One example of such cooperation LLC «Region-K», through advisory support for the Fund, the company is now certified several types of products and in the near future the gifts of Ugra can be bought in supermarkets in Thailand.


E. R.: What problems, in Your opinion, are still not solved in the field of foreign trade?

I.G: in Front of our exporters, there is an acute problem of international product certification. Each country has its own standards for certification the necessary funds and time. The problem could be the harmonization of national certification systems of different countries to common standards.


 E. R.: What is the overall strategy of export support in the region in the medium term?

I.G.: Yugra has traditionally been a leading region in the sphere of entrepreneurship support. The regional government is aware of the importance of the state support of non-commodity exports. In the okrug adopted the state program «Socio-economic development, investments and innovations in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous okrug – Yugra for 2016 - 2020 years», which provided for a series of annual events for the development of non-commodity exports of the region. One such example is that Yugra is among 12 pilot regions running on its territory of the Educational project of JSC «Russian export center».

E. R.: Which components, in your opinion, make up a positive export experience.?

I. G.: first and foremost, the entrepreneur should be striving to develop and increase markets. The goal of the company is to understand how to create and implement the export project, what measures of support of foreign trade activities it is possible to count and how, with their help, to expand export opportunities of the enterprise.

 Over the past few years support of exports of small and medium entrepreneurship has become one of the priorities of sustainable development of economy of Russia recognized as on the level of government, business and expert community. In a system of export support involved many agencies and departments. A variety of financial and non-financial export support included in the competence of Federal and regional authorities. Developed and implemented new mechanisms and instruments of state support of exports. This creates favorable conditions for the development of economic ties between small and medium enterprises of Ugra and foreign partners.


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