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The entrepreneurs of Yugra took part in the 7th International industrial exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA IRAN 2016 plus


   From 26-28 October 2016, the delegation of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra composed of 8 companies took part in the 7th International industrial exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA 2016 plus IRAN. In the course of the exhibition, the entrepreneurs not only showcase their products but also to enter into mutually beneficial contracts with the Armenian side.
   The composition of the business mission includes the following subjects of small and medium enterprises of Ugra:
  • LLC  «Virshke», Nizhnevartovsk (production of digital fulgerator for printing);
  • LLC  «Sibneftemashservis», Nizhnevartovsk (manufacture of fur coats);
  • LLC  «Center-Siberia», Ekaterinburg (crush cedar nuts);
  • LLC  «Development-M», Surgut (production of doors);
  • LLC «ICC, Repair-Service», Pyt-Yakh (wholesale trade of lumber, production of building structures made of wood);
  • LLC  «Atlant-HM», Khanty-Mansiysk (IT company  «Garagerays»);
  • PE Grekhov R.V. (manufacturing instamate);
  • PE Krivonos N.Yu., Nizhnevartovsk (production of frozen prepack).
  During the business mission was organized a working meeting Trade representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Armenia Babko Andreya Vladimirovicha with businessmen of the Autonomous Okrug, which discussed the prospects and possibilities of the conclusion of the Ugra products to the Armenian market.
  As a result of participation in the exhibition was the conclusion of 3 export contracts and 7 agreements and promotion of products.

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