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Address: 628148, Russia, Tyumen oblast, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra, Berezovskiy district, Saranpaul, Solnechnaya St., 2.

Phone: +79505365515 +7 (34674) 4-52-32


About us

«Rutil», LLC is registered and operates in a distinctive and fabulously beautiful village Saranpaul, which is surrounded by the ancient taiga, clear mountain rivers and Polar Ural Mountains. This environment is like a golden frame that adorns the diamond, highlights the beauty of the village and makes Saranpaul a real gem of the edge.

Rutil has built tourist base «Neroika», which is located near the mountain Neroika, 90 km from Saranpaul. Tourist base «Neroika» is a great family vacation escape, with festivals and workshops with master classes on national crafts, outdoor corporate events, and organization of youth, sports activities and gatherings.

Rutil offers to the tourists a transfer Saranpaul - Neroika – Saranpaul, the excursions to the mountains, with hiking trails to waterfalls, lakes and the mountain plateau. Also the ethnographic tours, where one can see the ethnic group of Polar Ural peoples, place-named mountains, listen to the legends, fairy tales and the legends of the Northern peoples (Mansi, Khanty and Komi - Zyrian); rafting on the river Schekurya; fishing in mountain rivers and lakes; excursions to the quartz deposit Dodo in the search of rock crystal.