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Private Entrepreneur Chuvakov Victor Sergeevich Recreation camp «Sem ozer»

Private Entrepreneur Chuvakov Victor Sergeevich Recreation camp «Sem ozer»

Address: 628216, Russia, Tyumen oblast, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, Kondinskiy district, Yamky, Lesnaya St., 14.

Phone: 8 (3467) 35-62-22 т.ф 8 (34677) 5-40-49, 89505012846,


About us

Kondinskiy district is traditionally known as a hunting and fishing land. The district’s river network belongs to the basin of the Kara Sea. There are more than two thousand rivers and lakes, and the main water artery is the Konda River. There are several types of game animals: elk, reindeer, mink, red fox, muskrat, otter and squirrel in the forests. Local lakes and the rivers are full of northern fish: pike, ide, roach, ruff, perch, sturgeon, burbot, carp, peled.

The recreation camp «Sem ozer» provides excellent extreme adventures: the real fishing during any season, a hare hunting (winter), a deer, a forest game hunting (a hazel grouse, a black grouse, a wood grouse) and waterfowl hunting.

There is a network of unique lakes with a sandy bottom and the purest water near the Yamky village. Besides the fishing with spinning, the spearfishing is a choice as well. The inflatable rubber boats and motor boats are also available to fishermen. The summer boat tours along the Konda River and its tributaries are available.

The distance from the camp to the lakes is about 30 km, and anglers can ride a snowmobile, a car or an ATV, which in itself is an adventure. Spearfishing for large pike, perch and ide is possible all the year round on Konda lakes. In addition, reservoirs are full of the crucian carps, white fish. The commercial fishing excursions with local fishermen can be arranged per tourist request.