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«National Company «Elal», Tourist and ethnographic complex «Sorni Sey»

«National Company «Elal», Tourist and ethnographic complex «Sorni Sey»

Address: 628140, Russia, Tyumen oblast, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, Berezovo, Sobyanin St., 21

Phone: +7(34674) 2-28-65, +79088848254


About us

   In December, 2011 the land plot of two hectares located in flood plain of Sosva River was issued for long-term rent for implementation of the recreational activity by «National Company «Elal», LLC. The tourist and ethnographic complex «Sorni Sey» was created there. This is a picturesque place on the bank of Kazenka river, rich with the different types of fish, wild-growing mushrooms, berries and herbs. Complex premises were a welcome ground for a children's ethnographic camp in 2012 and 2013, visited by more than 100 children, and for other exciting events: the Crow's Day, fishing tournament «Golden baubles 2013». 

   The list of services includes temporary tourists housing, national cuisine, reindeer sledding, horseback and snowmobile riding, sailing, recreational fishing, various seminars and workshops, familiarity with the culture of the peoples of the North, gathering wild crops. Vacationers may enjoy the weekend tours, wedding tour and festive New Year's program «Visiting Grandpa Frost». In addition, everyone may participate in two great events on the premises of «Sorni Sey»: proper behavior in the forest and use of natural resources; and the ethnic and competitive game «Fight for Sorni Sey’s Beauty».