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"Servis i tekhnologii"

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About us

SCIENTIFIC-RESEARCH ENTERPRISE "SERVICE AND TECHNOLOGY" - is based in the Russian Federation of 13 may 2013, the main project of the company – research, development and creation of serial production of multifunctional vehicles for the collection, harvesting and processing of snow. The creation of the enterprise was due to the high amount of rainfall annually in the form of snow, cleaning, which today is accompanied by high costs and inconvenient form of collecting snow with the participation of a large number of people and vehicles. The company for two years engaged in the research development of snow-melting complex "MAMMOTH", commissioning of which is able to reduce the costs from three to ten times due to the INNOVATION AND INGENUITY of the PROCESSES occurring directly at the time of collection and melting of snow in the termokuzov. 
   Our company offers to invest in mass production of snow-melting machines with the possibility of rapid growth the rate of production and increase in demand for equipment. "Service and Technology" leads the research activities on introduction of new technologies and innovations in today's time. On the enterprise the scientific and practical activities are conducted by 10 people with different work experience and qualifications. The profitable part of the enterprise, aimed at developing technologies in the period from 2013 to 2015 amounted to 115 000 $. 
  The company has developed a ready-made technology aimed at mass production of cars. Considering different ways of collecting snow and its transportation to the chosen scheme of processing of snow is the most economical and economic-attractive for potential settlements where there is a large amount of precipitation in form of snow. The versatility of the "MAMMOTH MSK" MSK "Mammoth" is designed to clean city roads, avenues, yard areas and roads from fresh and compressed snow. Unlike existing equipment, this complex removes snow, ship it in its snow-melting chamber, cleans the melt water from garbage and drains in urban storm sewers. The car developed customized nozzle high pressure, are able to get to the snow without much damage parked cars. In the autumn-winter period "MSK Mammoth" used for harvesting and melting snow, and in spring and summer can be used for washing and irrigation and roads. Also, "MSK Mammoth" can be used as the auxiliary machine for fire suppression in emergency situations and as additional source of hot service water during the cold period for the needs of enterprises of housing and communal services.
 ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY Multifunction snow-melting complex "Mammoth" is a universal complex, which replaces multiple units of utility vehicles, thereby saving a significant amount of time and money, due to the fact that no need in dump trucks, forklifts, transportable platforms. In addition, it eliminates the need of allocating large areas for the organization of the polygons. The expected savings on costs for collection and processing of snow ranges from 30% to 70%. The versatility of this complex gives it the advantage of more rapid payback in operation. It is superior morally obsolete equipment at the rate of collection of snow and its processing in the melt water, thereby accumulating up to 50 tons of snow from recycled water.
 Environmentally friendly by reducing the amount raised for snow-clearing equipment, reduced the total consumption of lubricants and thus the amount of emitted harmful substances. The melted snow after cleaning is drained directly into storm sewers, and hence the need to build landfills to dump "bad snow" disappears. Just one big piece of equipment, almost does not generate noise. as it works on the liquefied natural gas. 900 kg liquefied gas capable of melting 300 tons of snow or 20 trucks 15 tonnes. The UNIQUENESS in the world Today there is no equivalent functionality of the complexes. Foreign snow-melting systems, uses at work at least 3 machines: stationary snow-melting installation; loader; dump truck. The TYPES of MODIFICATIONS "MSK MAMMOTH" Assumes different modifications of "MSK MAMMOTH" with different dimensions and purpose, including: - for cleaning and melting the collected snow from sidewalks, of the territory adjoing roads and driveways, alleys and parks – small "MSK MAMMOTH"; - for harvesting and melting the collected snow from narrow streets and small squares is a midsize "MSK MAMMOTH"; - For cleaning and melting of snow over large areas, avenues, ring roads and motorways – dimensional "MSK MAMMOTH".