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LLC "Stroy-montazh"

Address: Khanty-Mansiysk
628012, Khanty-Mansiysk, Gagarina 101
Phone: 8 (3467) 32-98-59, 33-52-79


About us

About the company
  LLC "Stroy-montazh" is engaged in production and construction business (construction and reconstruction of buildings and facilities) and waste management of MSW and the timber industry. In terms of construction in addition to capital construction and repair of facilities of LLC "Stroy-montazh" also carries out work on improvement of oil and gas fields. In terms of waste recycling at present, our company implements the project: "Construction of high-tech complex for disposal and recycling of waste wood in the Soviet district of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra". This project provides for the purchase of high-tech equipment and machinery for processing wood waste (sawdust and wood chips) into electricity. The use of plants for the generation of electricity from wood waste by thermochemical gasification in the apparatus of the layered type air-blast, optimal and effective solution to providing electricity and power supply of remote areas and remote consumers in KHMAO-Yugra. These Complexes are the most simple constructive design and compact during operation. According to the proposed technology, the crushed and dried wood waste from the bunker is served in the gasification column. The obtained synthetic gas is cooled and cleaned from dust and tar and enters the drive. Purification and cooling of the gas is carried out using a circulating system circulating water. Received combustible synthetic gas is sent to gas installation (gas generator) and is converted to electricity. The tar content in the resulting gas less than 50mg/Nm3, which meets the international standards applicable to fuels for internal combustion engines. Synthetic gas does not contain harmful impurities and sulfur compounds. As a result of effective processing of waste of forest industry Complex will allow to produce electricity in the amount of 1.2 MW per hour, and also owing to the closed production cycle of the Complex, completely eliminates the emissions of harmful substances such as dioxin, furan and carbon dioxide, as all gases are returned to the reactor to maintain the process. Technology is completely absent, the ammonia smells, as all contaminated air is to maintain the temperature in the reactor. These factors are fully compliant with environmental safety and rehabilitation of the territory in which it is planned placement of the Complex. Also another competitive advantage is its functioning in a completely Autonomous mode. The Complex's capacity in this technology - processing up to 100,000 tons of wood waste per year. The system is capable of processing the entire range of mixture of waste timber and organic materials. A byproduct of the processing worked out hot water is not discharged into ground water used for cooling system and generate electricity from superheated steam or can also be effectively used by the local heating systems.