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LLC "Ekipazh"

Address: Pyt-Yakh
628380, KHMAO-Yugra, Pyt-Yakh, Nikolaya Samardakova St.14
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About us

About the company
   The construction of the Shopping center "CITY CENTER". The project is planned construction of shopping center with a total area of 6912 sq. m. with Parking for 100 cars on the ground floor. Building area 72х32. The SEC will include: 
  • 1st floor for up to 100 cars; 
  • 2nd floor – 2000 sq. m. shopping area open plan; 
  • 3rd floor – 2000 sq. m. shopping area open plan;
  • on the 4th floor – 2000 sq m office space. 
It is planned to landscape small architectural forms: benches, urns, lawns, etc. Landscaping should provide a comfortable environment for people staying here and the decor of the area around the building. When placing a shopping center on the site took into account the need for a clear division of areas goods loading and site available to visitors of the complex. Transport service Mall — the flow of goods into the Mall, will be on the back side of the building through a special portal. Waste collection is carried out with specialized machinery under contract with the organization concerned. 
   The main competitive advantages of this shopping centre are:
  • consolidation of services into a single complex;
  • convenient location of the shopping center with respect to transport accessibility; 
  • availability of infrastructure; 
  • the city's first shopping center by area and grade. 
   The company's strategy is chosen on the basis of market analysis Nefteyugansk, Nefteyugansk district and the city of Pyt-Yakh rental commercial real estate, given the sustained demand for space in this direction. During the design of this facility is planned as efficiently as possible to solve the issues to create enough high-level activities in the field of trade, services, and also to solve a question on the organization of social activities in the public interest. 
   The main conceptual issues to consider when exploring the question of the construction of the shopping center:
  • the Advantageous location of the object for visitors; 
  • high level of interior finish and comfort level of the building that meets modern requirements.