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"Otkrytoe nebo"

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About us

   The company is working to establish complex systems capable of most realistic to issue overload and visual senses, for example, during flights on aircraft. The complex should consist of a three-degree system of mobility, visualization systems and software for flight simulators and flight simulator. At the moment created by the motion system, and conducted exploratory work on integration in this complex system the most optimal visualization.

 The three-degree-offreedom motion system to simulate overloads and acceleration, influencing the person, consists of a platform supported by three lever mechanism, driven by electric motors. The actuator operates using an electronic control system. Control system using sensors allows the platform to move with a certain acceleration, speed, to stay at a certain intermediate or end positions.

 Control system, receiving signals from the various user programs, converts them into signals for the actuators, which through the planetary gears transmit torque tappet lever mechanisms. Thus, the linkage converts the torque from the actuator to linear motion of a lever system. A system of three lever mechanisms provides a platform three degrees of freedom: translational (up-down) and rotational (right-left and forwards-backwards). This system of mobility allows to use it in the game industry (various rides), 5 D cinemas, simulators, etc Usually the goal of a three-degree of mobility is achieved through the use of hydraulic actuators and servos that are much more expensive to manufacture, operate, larger dimensions, etc. a Distinctive feature of our system of mobility is the use of electric drives in combination with three complex lever mechanisms. On the Russian market at the time of patenting our system of mobility of such systems are not found. As a result of implementation of the project to be created production of such products as simulators, simulator etc Simulator will help to the flying clubs, airlines to cut costs by training pilots, to ensure their safety at the initial stage of learning. The simulator will help companies entertainment industry to provide better product, which will enable the user to obtain the feeling closest to real.