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About us

About the company
  The company sells bottled artesian water brand "ARTE" in 2009. The average annual volume of products sold is 1 800 000 bottles. The potential volume of products for export drinking water ARTE is 75 000 bottles of 0.5 liters per month.
  Oilfield produced water is p. Izluchinsk, away from the industrial sites in the water protection eco-friendly zone. Impact on the ecological purity of the cold and the permafrost, which is located in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, retained the purity of natural resources. Depth of water withdrawal from the well is more than 200 meters. The composition of the water from the source is stable, and its purity is confirmed by regular studies of physico-chemical analysis. The chemical composition of the water extracted from the well, has high values of natural nutrients that are vital to human health, and requires little or no further treatment, thus preserving the natural properties of produced water. 
  Initially, in 2009, opened a small workshop for the production of water 1 quality category at 18.9 litre bottles. Over time, trade started to expand and increase the volume. 
  In 2010 we received the Certificate of State registration of software of the highest quality. In the same year was put into operation equipment for blowing and filling of products with the volume from 0,5 to 5,0 litres. Manufactured at the plant, the water began to position itself as a heritage district. Was launched new products, enriched with vital components, such as shungite, iodine and rich in calcium and magnesium water. Now our company occupies a leading position delivers products to major outlets in their region. Also premium water quality volume of 0.5 l are sold through the network "Bahetle" in Kazan and "Azbuka Vkusa", Moscow. 
  In December 2014, was received and accredited the certificate of international quality system in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards GOST R ISO 22000. 
  For a small period of time water was appreciated at the most prestigious national and international competitions and was awarded 11 gold and silver medals for excellent quality. 
  The company's goal is meeting the highest criteria in quality of products and work with new regions and countries for the sale of products of the brand "ARTE". Relying on these criteria in 2015, has undergone a profound change in the packaging and launched the segment of PREMIUM class in quality and design to the relevant international standards. This product has original appearance, is artesian water, optimally balanced in chemical composition, and it contains macro and microelements such as calcium, potassium, and fluoride has a positive effect on the human body.
  In 2015, the water "АRTE" PREMIUM volume of 0.5 L. entered the South African market and is currently undergoing certification.
  Water "ARTE" PREMIUM designed for those who care about their health. Included calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate and fluoride are the main biologically essential macro-and micronutrients that affect the human body. The daily need for these elements is required for the body. Balanced chemical composition of the water, is a good prevention of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, tooth decay, rickets, thyroid disease and premature aging.
  Currently rebranding the water “ARTE” SHUNGIT. As you know, shungite, as no other material is able not only to carry out deep cleaning of water due to its high sorption and bactericidal properties, but also to saturate the water with fullerenes (a special form of carbon). This water is a good antioxidant, has on the human body a rejuvenating effect, improves the immune system of a person is a wide range of microelements and biologically active substances.