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About us

  Manufacture and sale of: fluids, windshield washing fluid and coolant.

The heat carrier for Autonomous heating systems: Is a moving liquid medium used for the transfer of heat and transfer of heat energy from the source (boiler) to radiators (radiators). Has a different freezing temperature -30 to 65 degrees Celsius. Consists of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, triethanolamine, sodium nitrite, borax, benzotriazole, antifoaming agent, additive, colorant, distilled water. 

   The coolant main advantages: the Coolant based on propylene glycol is safe for humans and the environment Excellent thermal capacity of the coolant, allows to accumulate heat from a heat source, a Wide operating temperature range from -64 to + 89 Chemical composition has inertness to basic materials used in heating systems does Not cause active corrosion in the components of the heating system. In the process of operation does not form solid residues and scum on the walls of the heating pipes Life of 5 years.

   Fluids, windshield washing fluid key benefits: Various freezing point: summer, -15; -20; -30; -40 Degrees Celsius Made from isopropyl alcohol of the highest grade Certified for sale in the territory of the customs Union Harmless for people and environment friendly packaging and the presence of cotton gloves.