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LLC "Neft - Servis Prokat"

Address: Surgut
628400, Russian Federation, Tyumenskaya oblast, Surgut, Grigoriya Kukuevitskogo, 10/1
Phone: факс (3462) 35-74-04, тел. (3462) 32-00-22

Site: neftsrv-prokat.ru

About us

  The company "Neft - Servis Prokat" was founded in February 2011. Manufactures packer and anchor equipment, through the cable entry fittings, hydraulic hammers and equipment for coiled tubing, and also produces spare parts and consumables for this equipment. On the contractual relationship the company supplies equipment, spare parts and consumables. Provides equipment rental, rent, performs the auditing and repair work of the equipment produced. 

 Provides services in the sphere of equipment and commissioning works on modernization of the repair shops, the manufacture of insulating stands, the equipment of posts of audit, repair work, cleaning and other downhole equipment. The company has skilled engineers and workers, able to ensure the quality and timing of claimed operations in strict accordance with the requirements of the customer. For high quality products and services LLC "Neft - Servis Prokat" repeatedly received from their customers good feedback and letters of thanks. Focusing on the needs of production, the company is ready to consider applications for production of non-standard products in accordance with the technical specifications or technical conditions.Clients and partners of LLC "Neft-SERVIS Prokat" are a large and well-known petroleum and gas companies such as OJSC "Surgutneftegas", OJSC "Gazprom" EPS "Tomskneft", JSC "Tatneft", OJSC "Rosneft". Products in-hole tools and equipment a Tool for working with coiled tubing Equipment, wellhead Equipment and tools for workshops tools and Equipment chemical warehouses Electronic components of the complexes GRP.