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LLC "SINTEK – Zapadnaya Sibir"

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Site: www.7tec.ru

About us

  The limited liability company "Service innovative technologies energy complex Center" was established on 16 February 2006, as the company solves the most complex tasks in the repair and insulation works, as well as primary cementing of oil and gas wells. The first steps to implement new technologies efficiently to solve the problem of the elimination of leakage, annular flow, reservoir overflows, marcolongo pressure was placed on the fields of Kazakhstan and Western Siberia. To date, "SINTEK-Center" works with more than 35 companies of the Russian Federation, near and far abroad and successfully expanding into new regions. Society in 2007, registered 5 patents for the production of chemical materials and technologies of repair and insulation works .  In 2010, the certification of compliance with ISO, Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004, management system of occupational safety OHSAS 18001:2007, Quality Management system ISO 9001:2000. In the company for 10 years a team of true professionals with average work experience of workers in the oil and gas sector for over 10 years. The company successfully employs 2 candidates of Sciences, 22 people with higher education and 15 employees with secondary special education. The Society holds more than 4,500 well operations, obtained invaluable experience in the Volga region, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan. Modern materials and innovative technologies allow Companies to achieve high results, the average efficiency for all technologies reaches 87%, which confirms the analysis conducted by a number of leading research institutes in Russia and in particular, "TatNIPIneft", "PN UfaNIPIneft" and "RN SamaraNIPIneft". Being one of the leaders in the market of repair and insulation services "SINTEK-Center" are able to successfully solve tasks of any complexity in any region of the planet.