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About us

   «Tsentr-Sibir», LLC opened in January 2012 as subsidiary of holding “Sodruzhestvo”. The main business is the processing of wild crops. The company produces food products under the brand «Kedroray»: Siberian pine nuts, oil, oil with turpentine 5%, 10%, 25%, nut kernels, nuts flour, halva. 
   Today the company produces 16 different products from Siberian pine nut kernels. Modern processing technology, highly qualified employees, careful selection of staff and supervision of each lot ensures a permanent high level of quality. 
   Siberian pine nuts and products derived from them (halva, flakes and powder) contain a number of vitamins B, E, F, macro -and micronutrients, iodine, which is very important for people of Siberia and the North. These nutrients are important for the activity of the nervous system and influence the growth and development of the human body, improve blood composition. 
   The digestibility of Siberian pine nuts are very high. Siberian pine nut’s oil 100 % (unrefined, cold-pressed) is easy to digest has high nutritional and medicinal properties, and rich in vitamins and trace elements. 
   Siberian pine nut’s oil with resin (5 %, 10 %, 25 %) is resin balsam. Resin (pinesap), with Siberian pine nut’s oil has a very powerful healing complex for internal (5%) and external (10%, 25%) application. 
  Siberian pine nut’s oil with resin helps to restore the structure and function of cells of liver and pancreas, has an antioxidant properties and a tonic effect. 
  Flour shell of pine nuts used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. There are many recipes for cedar shell infusions, which are used to strengthen the arm and leg bones, nails, for the treatment of various skin diseases, etc.