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KOLOS Farm Samokhvalov K. M.

KOLOS Farm Samokhvalov K. M.

Address: 53 Mira St., Apt. 16, Ugorsk, 628260

Phone: +79227933998, +79825994608


About us

In 2013 the Company won a 300,000 ruble grant. It started with rabbit farming. To decrease risks, quail farming was added to the existing business. In the future, the Company plans to produce turkeys. The farm area is 2,000 m2. In 2014 the premises with crates for keeping turkeys were constructed. In 2015 it is planned to put a 6960 m2 farm for 1024 adult female rabbits into operation using the Italian technologies. The main goals of the Company: Fresh products (frequent delivery in small quantities); High quality (no growth stimulators or antibiotics); Affordable price (a small surcharge but high product yield). Brief description of the products: 1) In the opinion of nutritionists, regular eating of rabbit meat normalizes fat metabolism and supports optimal balance of nutritional substances. It is especially good for children, seniors and overweight people, since it is a low calorie food. 2) Nutritionists recommend quail meat for the treatment of various cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, for the prophylaxis of diabetes, gastritis, and stomach ulcer, and for people exposed to radiation. 3) A quail egg is packed with a balanced complex of vitamins, aminoacids, and microelements required for our body. Regular eating of quail eggs improves our immunity, normalizes the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system.