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Introduction of electronic veterinary certification for Ugra enterpreneurs

  From 1 January 2018, the system of compulsory electronic veterinary certification is put in place. From this moment, paper certificates cease to be applied, and all veterinary enclosed documents for goods subject to mandatory veterinary control are transferred to the electronic form.
   Rules for the organization of work on the registration of veterinary enclosed documents, the procedure for the registration of veterinary enclosed documents in electronic form and the procedure for issuing veterinary enclosed documents on paper carriers are approved by Order No. 589 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on December 27, 2016 (reference to the document).    The list of controlled goods subject to enclosed documents was approved by the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation of December 18, 2015, No. 648 (reference to the document).
    Enterprises of small and medium-sized business of Ugra at the introduction of electronic veterinary certification have the opportunity to take support measures in local government bodies of municipalities at the place of registration and performance of activities, including obtaining financial support in the form of reimbursing part of the costs: - purchase of equipment and licensed software products (no more than 80% of total costs, and no more than 300 thousand rubles a year); - for the passage of refresher courses (no more than 50% of the total costs, and no more than 80 thousand rubles a year). The conditions of support can be found on the official websites of local government in the section "Small and medium business".

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