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Export of organic agricultural products will become a promising direction for the development of the Russian economy

Sergei Korshunov, chairman of the board of the Union of Organic Agriculture, in an interview told journalists about the prospects for the development of the sector of production of environmentally friendly products in Russia. In his view, organic agriculture is waiting for a brilliant future in terms of exports.
Sergei Korshunov noted that by 2020 in Russia there will be 3-4 times more manufacturers of environmentally friendly products with international quality certificates than today. Now organic agricultural products produce only about 70 companies throughout the country, including;
• 2 enterprises for processing raw materials;
• 9 livestock farms;
• 39 plant-breeding complexes.
In the niche of organic agriculture, mainly medium-sized farms operate, the area of ​​which does not exceed 1,500 hectares.
However, every year, environmentally friendly products from Russia are attracting increasing interest from foreign buyers. First of all, these are enterprises that need high-quality raw materials for subsequent processing. Now the needs of foreign companies in the certified organic quality products from Russia are only 5% satisfied. Most export prospects are for forage and food wheat, spelled, corn, oil cake and sunflower seeds, sesame, brown flax, rye, barley, polba and other vegetable products.
The Institute of FiBl cites data on which Russia, with 385,000 hectares of organic space, ranks 22nd in the world. The TOP includes Australia (22,700,000 ha), Argentina (3,100,000 ha) and the United States of America (about 2,000,000 ha). The organic farming union predicts that as early as 2020, Russia will produce twice as much bioproducts as it does today - in the amount of $ 250,000.
Earlier in the press there already appeared information about the impressive rates of growth of Russian organic farming, which are by far the highest in the world. Already in the near future, 15% of the whole eco-products market will be for domestic producers.

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