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The list of export products for priority state support was approved

 The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation approved a list of goods, as well as services and works, the exporters of which will be able to benefit from the first-priority state support. Order № 1473-r, which lists this list, was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on July 12, and published on the official website of the Cabinet on July 25, 2017.
 The order of the Cabinet of Ministers on July 12, 2017 recommends that federal executive bodies prepare export support proposals, while JSC "Russian Export Center" in developing export support programs for the projects of the main direction "International Cooperation and Export" should first of all pay attention to the following categories of products :
• goods of the agro-industrial complex;
• goods of the metalworking industry;
• goods of the chemical industry;
• light industry goods;
• goods of the pharmaceutical industry;
• goods of the timber industry complex, except for untreated wood;
• goods of the medical industry;
• consumer goods, including jewelry, stationery, utensils, furniture, etc .;
• work and services in the field of education;
• work and services in the field of health;
• tourist works and services;
• construction works and services;
• repair works and services;
• engineering services;
• IT services.
 The list of priority export products was approved to support non-primary exports and strengthen the positions of key sectors of the state economy. At the same time, the creation of a list of priority areas does not mean that other spheres of export will not be supported at the state level. When developing proposals and programs, it will be taken into account in which sector of activity of Russian exporters support measures are really needed at the moment.
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