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Private Entrepreneur Andrey Gavrilov «Kostoreznaya artel Gavrilova»

Private Entrepreneur Andrey Gavrilov «Kostoreznaya artel Gavrilova»

Address: : 628400, Russia, Tyumen oblast, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, Surgut, Energetikov St., 31/64

Phone: 89519761740, 89028195296


About us

   «Kostoreznaya artel Gavrilova» designs and makes souvenirs made of bone, moose and deer antlers, walrus tusk, as well as internal bones and mammoth ivory. All pieces are hand-made. In 2012 the products of «Kostoreznaya artel Gavrilova» took the first place in the competition «Souvenir of the Year». 
   The souvenirs of «Kostoreznaya artel Gavrilova» are individual artworks made in the style of technogenic ethno reflecting the identity of the Ugra people and dynamics of the modern world. Main products are writing sets, hunting kits, interior work (photo frames, panels, with the bulk composition of the thread), pens, business card holders, knives, magnets, key chains, women's jewelry, amulets, talismans.