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Private Entrepreneur Ekaterina Pudovikova  «Severnaya Gildiya Masterov»

Private Entrepreneur Ekaterina Pudovikova «Severnaya Gildiya Masterov»

Address: 628242, Russia, Tyumen oblast, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, Sovetskiy, Zheleznodorozhnaya St., 44-3

Phone: 8 (34675) 3-06-17, 89224845251

Site: www.s-g-m.ru

About us

   «Severnaya Gildiya Masterov» brings together dozens of Ugra artists, helping them to promote their products of arts and crafts. Our experts are also working on the formation of a new tourism brand of Ugra. «Severnaya Gildiya Masterov» offers products made of natural materials: leather, fur, clay, bone, wool, wood, such as magnets, figurines, amulets, bells, drums, masks, dolls, paintings, furnishings and clothing, including felt boots (local name valenki), fur boots (local name unty) and light fur boots (local name kisy). «Severnaya Gildiya Masterov» is also actively working on individual orders: author souvenirs, gifts for clients and partners with the symbol or company logo. 
   The company also has a team of professionals working on the creation of entirely new tourism brand of Ugra. 
   The company’s products are oil in test tubes and flasks, wooden skis nano- soaked cedar oil, cedar nuts in a gift box, valenki - whisperers. Our awards is a diploma in the nomination «Souvenirs» at the District exhibition «Tovari Zemly Ugorskoy» (December 2012) and II degree diploma in the nomination «The best tourist souvenir ethnographic of Ugra».