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Nyagan Stal LLC

Nyagan Stal LLC

Address: 28, Sibirskaya St., Unit 4, Nyagan, Tyumen Oblast, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, 628183

Phone: +7(34672) 5-02-15

About us

Nyagan Stal LLC is focused on the development and manufacture of various metal products including articles of hardscape. The company offers metal structures such as site containers, waste containers (Best Product of Ugra Award of 2010), benches, pavilions (Best Product of Ugra Award of 2013), garbage cans, lawn protection barriers, fences, outdoors grills, bath house stoves, garage doors, supports and so on.

The list of available products and services includes production of standard and nonstandard metal structures, wholesale and retail trade of rolled metal products, a wide range of rolled metal articles at the warehouse (U-bar, L-bar, sheet, beam, pipe, disc, reinforcements, coil mesh), metal marking service, delivery within the city and Okrug, and special vehicle service.