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А.V. Kakhnovich Individual Entrepreneur

А.V. Kakhnovich Individual Entrepreneur

13, Solnechnnaya St., Khanty-Mansiysk, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, 628011
Phone: +79825100055, +79088800817

Site: ugra-style.com

About us

Manufacture of the Khanty knife, the kisy (a sort of national footwear) and ethnographically specific souvenirs. Representation of Okrug at Russian and international exhibitions. Our work includes studying the Khanty and Mansi folk patterns and applying them on our products to familiarize the people with those patterns. We are active in promoting products that bear national symbols in both Russian and international markets and holding master classes where one can learn how to make a national knife. Product description: The shape of the blade and sheath for the Khanty and Mansi knife was developed for the last several thousands of years under specific conditions of Far North. Standing aside from its modern counterparts, this knife is useful for domestic purposes due to a range of inherent features such as - Light weight; - Safety (rigid sheath) - Convenience (softly fixed) - Multiple use; and - Environmental friendliness (natural materials). And last but not least, it has one-side sharpening which is an important factor as well.