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JSC "Zavod Stroitelnyh Materialov" celebrates its 45th anniversary

JSC "Zavod stroitelnyh materialov" was organized in October 1973. In the trust “Nizhnevartovskzhilstroy”, it was decided to create a plant of building materials to provide the city under construction with concrete, mortar and retrofitting for supplied sets of residential houses.

Today, the plant produces the entire range of necessary products for the construction needs of the city, district and district.

In Nizhnevartovsk, a large number of facilities were built using the products of the JSC "Zavod stroitelnyh materialov". These are schools, kindergartens, boiler rooms, residential buildings, Palace of Arts, «Mir» cinema, engineering structures. The plant's products can be found on new buildings in the district: Megion, Langepas, Pokachш, Raduzhniy, Khanty - Mansiysk. 

Company that achieved significant results in industry and economics, the plant won the international SPI competition in 2002, receiving the highest award - the Gold Medal of the Industry Association, founded by the decree of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1801.

In 2003, the plant was the winner of the contest “Eurasia - Leader in Business 2003” in the nomination “The Best Enterprises of the Construction Complex” established by the Sverdlovsk Regional Public Foundation “Leader in Business”. 

According to the results of work in 2006, the enterprise became the winner of the 4th city contest “Entrepreneur of the Year - 2006” among small and medium-sized businesses, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the city, in the nomination “Industrial Production and Construction”.

The great merit in the results belongs to General Director Andrey Alehno who has been managing the enterprise since 2003.

In the year of its 45th anniversary, the plant joined the marketing project “Made in Ugra!” And has the right to label its products with the trademark “Made in Ugra!”. 

We remind you that the Foundation “Support Centre for Ugra Export” is the copyright holder of the trademark “Made in Ugra!” and implements the project in the Autonomous Okrug. For all questions related to the receipt and use of the trademark, as well as the placement of information about the company in the virtual exhibition-fair “Made in Ugra!”, It is necessary to contact feel free to contact Inna Mayamsina, phone: 8 (3467) 388-402 or by e-mail: mii@export-ugra.ru.

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