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8 (3467) 388-400

The marketing project “Made in Ugra!” Is presented in sales outlets of Ugra.

Shops under the trademark “Made in Ugra!” are available to residents of Ugra and decorated with bright luminous signs with an already recognizable logo. This was a continuation of the project development.  

Free of charge in order to increase the awareness of manufacturers’ products. It is worth noting that the marketing project has been implemented in the Autonomous Okrug since 2015, during that time more than 190 manufacturers have joined it. The Foundation “Support Centre for Ugra Export” is the copyright holder of the trademark “Made in Ugra!” Foundation implements the project in the Autonomous Okrug.

For all questions related to the receipt and use of the trademark “Made in Ugra!”, As well as placement of information about the company in the virtual exhibition-fair “Made in Ugra!”, fell free to contact Inna Mayamsina phone: 8 (3467) 388-402 or by e-mail: mii@export-ugra.ru.

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