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Free webinar "Foreign trade contract: th...

Free webinar "Foreign trade contract: the most important conditions"

28.08.2018 Dear businessmen! We invite you to take part in the free webinar "Foreign trade contract: the most important conditions", which will be held on August 30, 2018. The webinar will cover the following topics:
 What are the contracts, what regulates the relations of the parties?
 Contract structure, what conditions are essential. Where will we make mutual claims?
 What is the delivery terms for Incoterms?
 What documents except the contract make out the delivery?
 That must contain an invoice.

 In order to take part in the webinar, you must fill out the application, accessible by the link (https://drive.google.com/file/d/17MqL3gN6NQX5IqgE3Q7lThCenCnxBQ15/view?usp=sharing) and send the scan to the email address: mii @ export- ugra.ru or Leave the application in electronic form: https://goo.gl/forms/B9tKuutXZ2IgHOj73 

Participation in the webinar for free! If you have any questions, please contact an employee of the Foundation "Support Centre for Ugra Export" Mayamsina Inna Igorevna by phone +7 (3467) 388-402 or by e-mail: mii@export-ugra.ru

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