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Webinar on e-Commerce: "Doing business with Alibaba.com easy."

On 14 July at 11.00 there will be held a webinar on e-Commerce: "Doing business with Alibaba.com easy"

REC together with PAL (official partner Alibaba.com in Russia) holds the first open webinar, the purpose of which is to show in practice how Alibaba.com can help entrepreneurs help to develop business in Russia. The webinar is intended for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

Probably each of us has heard about the marketplace Alibaba.com, about the huge success the company has achieved, about its founder Jack MA, about the company's cooperation with Russian representatives, about the popular media term "Russian Alibaba". But few people know what Alibaba.com different from the same Aliexpress.com and, most important, many enterprises are simply not aware of the opportunities offered by the site Alibaba.com not only as for expanding the list of potential partners and development of business in General.

On the webinar you will learn about the successful cases of Russian sellers on the site and can register for an individual consultation from the company PAL to work with marketplace.

For more information about the webinar and register at the link: https://exportcenter.timepad.ru/event/538384/

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