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In Surgut will host an educational seminar &q...

In Surgut will host an educational seminar "Introduction to export"

In Surgut 31 March 2017 is planned to hold educational seminar on "Introduction to exporting: the life cycle of an export project. State support for export-oriented enterprises." 
The event is organized by the Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export". 
In the context of learning Ugra entrepreneurs talk about what types of risks in export activities there are and how to avoid them, what forms of international market entry are implemented in external economic activity and with the help of some tools you can analyze foreign markets and to assess the reliability of counterparties. In addition, students will answer questions about state support of exports. 
"The purpose of the educational seminar – developing the necessary knowledge and practical skills for the successful launch of export activities. This will help Ugra entrepreneurs to avoid mistakes in the selection of effective strategies for the exit of enterprises in the international market, finding reliable partners, as well as the necessary contacts to gain support in export operations", – said General Director of the Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export" Irina Gaichenceva. 
Note that the Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export" holds these courses in the framework of the Educational project Russian export centre. The project started last year. Its essence lies in the modular flow system of information, where each course is a self-contained program. 
For more information you can get on the website of the Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export" in the "Educational project of the REC". 
For any questions, please contact the Foundation "support Centre for Ugra export" – the chief specialist of Department of coordination of external relations and marketing Victor Chebakov, phone: +7(3467) 388-401.

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