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The Deputy Governor of Ugra Pavel Sidorov assessed the water quality from Nizhnevartovsk.

  November 23 in Nizhnevartovsk Deputy Governor of Ugra Pavel Sidorov, the general director of the Foundation «support centre for Ugra export» Irina Gaychentseva held a working meeting with the water manufacturer of the highest quality ARTE.
  The company LLC «Hermes» in the working meeting was attended by the founder of the company Galiev Marat and CEO Sharova Galina. The company representatives spoke about the development of the enterprise, the production and quality of produced water. The participants of the meeting discussed the possibilities and prospects of development of company at international level. Entrepreneurs said that the company has signed an agreement with representatives from the United Arab Emirates and talks are underway with companies from South Africa, India and Japan.
  Company LLC «Hermes» is one of the leading manufacturers of drinking water in the Nizhnevartovsk region and present on the market since 2009, the Company has a certificate of state registration of software of the highest quality, in accordance with the sanitary rules «Customs Union» which meets the highest international standards. Field produced water finding in Izluchinsk, away from industrial facilities in water protection, clean natural area. The depth of water withdrawal from the well is more than 200 meters, the composition of the water from the source is stable, and its purity is confirmed by regular studies. The composition of the water extracted from the well, has high values of natural nutrients essential for human health and requires little or no further treatment, thus preserving the natural properties of produced water.
  It should be noted that the products of the company «Hermes» marked regional trademark «Made in Ugra», which is implemented by the Foundation «support Centre for Ugra export» supported by the government of KHMAO-Yugra.

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