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Yugra signed an agreement with the Unified information portal «Exporters of Russia».

  2 September 2016 in the framework of the regional conference of entrepreneurs «Small business of Ugra: New development opportunities» worked discussion forum of «the Development of a competitive environment and export capacity business of Ugra», the moderator of the site was made by Yuriy Shurygin, the independent expert and consultant in the field of industrial marketing, Internet marketing and information support of foreign economic activity, head of the Unified information portal «Exporters of Russia», member of the Committee for the promotion of foreign trade chamber of Commerce and industry of Russia, General Director and founder of the Consulting company «Delarey».
  At the opening of the conference were the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova. She noted the fact that Ugra entrepreneurs are not afraid to develop new markets, develop new activities and to open new markets, in the latest entrepreneurs assists the Foundation «Support Centre for Ugra export».
  The result discussional platform was the development of proposals to the final resolution of the Conference, which was adopted at the plenary meeting. «We need to develop priorities for the development of export activities in the region, it is necessary to develop a roadmap. An important element is to promote the trademark «Made in Ugra» and the creation of a multilingual virtual exhibition of export-oriented goods entrepreneurs of the Autonomous Okrug», - summed up Yuriy Shurygin.
  After the plenary session Irina Gaychentseva, general director of the foundation «Support Centre for Ugra export» and Yuriy Shurygin signed a cooperation agreement. «The subject of this agreement is a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation Fund and the Unified information portal «Exporters of Russia», aimed at the development of export activities of small and medium enterprises of the Autonomous Okrug», - stated in the signed document.
  «To begin exporting for small and medium-sized businesses is the real thing - make the decision, to use all possibilities for entering foreign markets, including through the support Center for Ugra export. The export enterprise is a medium and long - term prospects of a substantial increase in sales and positive reputation of the company», - commented Yuriy Shurygin.

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