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«Sredstva Avtomatizatsii Radomskogo i Kompanii»  («SARiK»)

«Sredstva Avtomatizatsii Radomskogo i Kompanii» («SARiK»)

Address: 628433, Russia, Tyumen oblast, Khanty -Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug- Ugra, Surgut district, Beliy Yar, Kedrovaya St.,14.

Phone: +7 (3462) 66-43-80

Site: www.saric.ru

About us

«SARiK», LLC works on development, manufacture, installation and technical support for standalone multipurpose magnetostrictive liquidometer gauges of «Lilac» type. The purpose of «Lilac» liquidometer gauge is the measurement of various kinds of fluid substances in the tanks and their temperature followed by data transfer via radio communication. «Lilac» liquidometer gauge can be implemented in the oil companies, oil refining, chemical industry, systems utilities, water treatment plant , warehouses and storage facilities, as well as road and rail transport (oil, petroleum products, solvents, liquefied gases, acids, alkalis and other aggressive and non-corrosive liquids ). Liquidometer gauges are made under the Certificate of Conformity number TC - RU.GB08.V.00062 RU C and designed for use in hazardous areas.


«Sredstva Avtomatizatsii Radomskogo i Kompanii»  («SARiK»)