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About us

Laser stand is designed to determine the pressure distribution diagrams of sliding surface to a snow track. The stand helps study in detail the shape of the sliding surface on hard and soft snow track in slide repulsion and one-ski rolled phases. Laser stand provides accurate definition of sliding surface spots for lubricant ointment application at different thicknesses of the lubricant layer, with different stiffness of snow slopes subject to a repulsive force, the characteristic of the track surface shape and its micro-relief in a particular competition condition. Hardware-software complex «SKILAB U- 02» is designed for individual selection of skis before the competition. During skis trial run on the slopes, it measures speed of the skis slide (V) in the part of the track, the ratio of skis friction energy losses (Кfr), the ratio of energy losses due to deformation of the snow slopes (Кen) and their vertical and horizontal dynamic diagrams at a given speed. The system helps to define the natural frequencies and Q-factor specific to each ski. The eigen frequencies of the skis significantly affect the sliding depending on the hardness and structure of the snow slopes. Q-factor characterizes the damping of oscillations and the width of the range of natural frequencies skiing. Q-factor is an important indicator when choosing skis for specific conditions snowy slopes.