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LLC "Spektr"

Address: Khanty-Mansiysk
628011, HMAO-Yugra, Khanty-Mansiysk, Mira St. 113, office 11
Phone: 8-950-501-1659

About us

  Scientific-research enterprise "Spektr" was founded in the Russian Federation on 10 December 2010. Initially, the activities of enterprises was based on the development of environmental and tourism, the creation of objects of related infrastructure, preservation of flora and fauna. Since 2012 the company conducts research activities for market research of production and consumption of sphagnum mosses and products. As shown by marketing research, the production and harvesting of sphagnum moss has a high demand in different areas. 

  The use of sphagnum moss found in industry, construction, medicine, agriculture and other fields. The company LLC "Spektr" scientific and practical activities of specialists with years of experience in the development of the project also involved Dr. biological Sciences and engineering. 

  Today, the company has a ready-made model to create the production, gathering, processing and sales of finished products sphagnum moss, one of the forms of finished products: mats and reinforced blocks that are in demand today Arab Emirates for vertical greening of buildings and horizontal back.