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«Agrariy Sibirskogo Severa»

«Agrariy Sibirskogo Severa»

Address: 628012, Russia, Tyumen oblast, Khanty -Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug- Ugra, Khanty- Mansiysk, Mira St., 68, section 3

Phone: +7 (3467) 32-95-96, +7 (3467) 30-02-69

Site: www.agrasibsev.ru

About us

   «Agrariy Sibirskogo Severa», LLC was created in 2005 as the successor of the oldest agricultural enterprise of Russia - State Scientific Institution the Khanty-Mansiysk agricultural experiment station of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 
   «Agrariy Sibirskogo Severa» is a fur and leather tailoring and restoration company. The facilities are equipped with modern Italian equipment «Ramondi» for tailoring fur raw materials of any complexity. 
   «Agrariy Sibirskogo Severa» provides the following services: the production of clothing made of natural fur and leather, fur hats, fur accessories and leather, steaming of fur products. Company owns a brand «GOLDEN FOX» for the wholesale and retail of clothing and fur hats, fur and leather accessories of its own production. «GOLDEN FOX» team is constantly working on expanding the number of products and improving the products, improving its quality. Using the latest methods of net piecing, punching and knitting allows to create a wide range of finished products. All fur and leather products are made in little amounts, and a variety of shapes, styles and colors allows to find a right item to picky fans of classics as well as to fans of extreme vanguardism. Tailoring to individual orders is widely practiced. All manufactured products have quality certificates. 
   «Agrariy Sibirskogo Severa» has two fur salon «GOLDEN FOX», one fur atelier in Khanty -Mansiysk. «GOLDEN FOX» offers a wide range of fur and leather products : coats, jackets , coats, hats, bags, scarves, stoles, fur home accessories (blankets, rugs , pillows), souvenirs, toys and much more. The entire product range is manufactured from high-quality raw fur.