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About us

A professional industrial safety adviser for small and medium-sized businesses, ALTERNATIVA-CENTER LLC provides in-depth assistance in the matters of industrial safety management with reference to the current Russian laws. Our company offers the full range of required services and ensures support aimed at an effective interaction with all supervisory offices in compliance with the effective law. We provide businesses with psychophysiological support implemented through the use of a unique method of the personnel's psychophysiological condition assessment and management, a useful tool to promote the safety culture and prevent accidents. When implemented in practice, the method helps an enterprise ensure at the stage of selection that only reliable people are offered employment and, furthermore, have a strong pool of candidates and a staff motivated to perform their office duties safely and responsibly. Our principal advantage is in the quality of our service and the strict adherence to our commitments. Principal product: Inspection of the employees' functional condition, monitoring of the employees' functional condition, behavior-based audit, fitness for duty, organization of rehabilitation actions for the determined risk group, development of personal correction methods intended to motivate the employees to comply with labor safety requirements, labor safety consulting for small and medium-sized businesses.